Our Technology

  Here at Giggle Horse games, all of our games are developed using our proprietary in-house game engine / SDK (software development kit) named Cortex™. Our engine is not like any other in many different ways. Just to start with, Cortex™ was developed as an artificial intelligence state machine known as a deterministic finite automata. You can read more about what that is here with this wikipedia article. This allows the engine to have the ultimate scalability and speed like a ninja running on a bed of red hot nails! Due to the deterministic flow of the engine, the call stack is kept as small as possible, usually only one or two function calls deep, making it rather nimble. Furthermore, Cortex™ is constructed to house only the bare essentials that are used by all games, and only leverage external components that it needs at the time it needs them. So unlike some engines that try to cover all the technological bases, Cortex™ only pulls in and uses exactly what is needed for a particular game of a particular genre when the game is compiled. For example, if Cortex™ needs to create a 2D or 2.5D game, it will not need to pull in any code concerning 3D graphics and vice versa. By doing this, a typical Cortex™ game executable is generally under 400k in size. See, it is a cyber ninja; small, stealthy and fast.

  As if all of that isn’t super stupid cool, the engine is designed to be cross platform from platforms such as Windows, Linux, and XBox all the way to Raspberry Pie if we so wanted to do that. Wait, does anyone buy games on Raspberry Pi?

  In conjunction with the Cortex™ engine are genre plugins accompanied by WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) genre development kits. For example in the development of our point-n-click adventure games, we’ve developed a plugin that handles all the specifics of that type of game called Legend™. This allows a developer to only pull in the graphics capabilities that Cortex™ needs while ignoring the rest. It also gives the developer the flexibility to create an adventure game the way they envision it, compile and update it on the fly.

  But don’t take our word for it, Cortex™ is on its 6th version and there is a success story written by Intel corporation about our engine in 2012. Yeah, Intel...the ones that make that chip thing that allows you to read this article. Oh, to dispel any confusion, Giggle Horse Games used to be Neuron Games as in the article. Neuron Brains Behind The Game