Coming Soon

We'll be posting more blogs soon.

Coming Soon

We'll be posting more blogs soon.

Sync'ing Animation

In this blog, I will be covering how the Legend plugin for Cortex allows for dynamic scaling and animation to be synchronized.

Path Finding

How we tweaked the A-Star or A* algorithm to make our path finding algorithm.

Legend Editor

How I created a plugin for the Cortex engine that would allow us to create many point-n-click adventure games.

Building the Cortex Engine

Building AbsoluteZero, our first point-n-click adventure game, using Cortex, our proprietary game engine.

Why Adventure Games

The title pretty much says it all. This blog is about how we decided to make a Point-N-Click adventure game.

Ground Zero - A Pub

How we unveiled the making of Absolute Zero, our first Point-n-Click Adventure game.