Space Station
In the deepest and most uninhabitable pocket of space imaginable resides a gas cluster known as the Cephalopod Nebula. Due to its total lack of proximity to well...anything, this sector of space is known as “Absolute Zero”. Which also happens to be the name of the only fueling station whose job it is to continually cruise the nebula swallowing up huge quantities of gas and converting it into fuel for ships traveling through the sector to buy. Other reasons the sector and fueling station may have been given the name “Absolute Zero” are:
  • It is the temperature inside the nebula
  • It is the one and only place to refuel your ship. If you got to the Absolute Zero, it is a guarantee that you won’t be able to make it to any other inhabited sector without refueling.
  • There is absolutely zero out here.
  • It describes how much there is to do on the station if you exclude drinking.
  • It is the amount of hope you have of a better life if you work on the station.
  • It is how much the customers care about you and your hopes if live on the station.
It is upon this refueling station Absolute Zero that Sammy Snark grinds out her duties of serving radioactive beer to the travelers waiting for ship repairs and refueling in the only bar for light years around, the Brain Gravy™ Bar.

A race known as the Snastipods who are notorious for preying on weaker species for resources decided to target Earth and relieve it of its resources, including people. Then they destroyed it. Sammy was abducted as most small children of Earth and placed into slave labor for mining. Later she was sold as food product since some species love the taste of human children. Narrowly escaping the fate of becoming an entree, Sammy now has to not only escape her masters, but save the remainder of humanity from the continuous oppression of the Snastipods, and find humanity a new home.

Playing as Sammy, it will be up to you to see her safely through the labyrinth of traps and puzzles that she will face on her Quest for freedom, a new life, and ultimately saviour of the human race.

Sammy starts out in the Brain Gravy bar, saving humanity one beer at a time. Hopefully you can expand her place in the universe in Absolute Zero!

Currently Absolute Zero is under development. We are using our proprietary Cortex game engine and SDK, in conjunction with many of the industry's state of the art tools such as PixoLogic ZBrush, 3DS Max, and a bunch of other tools (too many to list). We are striving to make Absolute Zero one of the best looking point-and-click adventure games possible.

Now having said that. We totally realize that a game can have really good graphics and sound, and yet still suck to play. So we are making playability and fun a top priority with the look and feel of the game not secondary, but complementary to the game play. If the game isn’t fun to play, you probably won’t be buying more, so it is important to us that Absolute Zero is at the top of its game in every aspect.

If you have comments or questions about Absolute Zero or if you’d just like to talk with us or other adventure gamers, developers, and fans, please stop by our forums. We would love to hear from you, and have you as part of our community!

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